Thursday, 5 September 2013

Collaborative Project - Tale of X Gamers

With the advent of the new Space Marine codex I am, once again starting a new Space Marine army. This will be my forth codex army and seventh in power armour (I also have BA, SW & DA). I'm justifying this partly because with Chapter Tactics the codex is essentially 6-in-1. From rumours etc I've read it means that you can tailor each force to suit your play style, as I don't really play all that much it's just an excuse to paint different armies up.

My armies at the moment are:

Carcharodons - Iron Hands
Celestial Lions - Imperial Fists
Raven Guard - ...Raven Guard

So I'm left with White Scars, Salamanders and Ultramarines.

Ill be honest, I doubt my Dark Angels will ever be played as Dark Angels, I'm not that into the fluff and I'm not really prepared to shell out £30 for a codex I'm rarely, if ever going to use. This means that with a bit of work I could turn them into a White Scars successor chapter, so we can scratch that off the list. Salamanders are tempting indeed but with 'Massacre' just round the corner, I'm really tempted to do them in 30k. This just leaves Ultramarines.

Wait a minute, this is an Ultramarines blog! By Guilliman!

That said, I don't want to do another blue army so I'm going to do a successor chapter. Being a big fan of Know No Fear I'm thinking of doing a homebrew 'Scions of Calth' army reasoning that post-heresy Remus Ventanus was tasked with setting up a new chapter, being a local boy and a pissed off one at that, this seems to make sense. 

But wait, there's more! After a bit of spiritual and financial reflection I'm gong to be a bit more sensible about the hobby and am imposing a strict(ish) limit on my hobby spending. £75 on plastic and £25 on paint, glue, green-stuff etc per month. Having this limiter will hopefully stop me taking on more than I can chew and still let me enjoy life both on and off the table. 

The Project:
For those of you who remember White Dwarf's Tale of 4 Gamers well done you, for those who don't there's some very overpriced books on iBooks you can buy. Basically, T4G is an article that charts the hobby life of four people working on a budget. The one I read was £50 per month but you can set what ever limit you want. What I want to know from you dear readers is would anyone like to join me in this endeavour? We can either collaborate on here or if you've got your own established blog you can send links to mine and visa versa 

Who knows, we might even meet up at Warhammer World and have a game!

With my £75 I went on and preordered the following:

New Tactical Squad
New Sternguard Squad
New Vanguard Squad
New Librarian 

Which came in at £76 including postage (saving £22!). I also had a credit note with and bought a tactical squad for nothing though I don't expect this to arrive anytime soon...

With these I'm going to have an army list of the following:


Tactical Squad - 10/grav-rifle/heavy bolter/veteran sergeant w/ thunderhammer
Tactical Squad - 5/missile launcher
Tactical Squad - 5/missile launcher

Sternguard Squad - 5/3 combi weapons/heavy flamer/veteran sergeant w/power weapon & grav pistol

Fast Attack:
Vanguard Veteran Squad - 5/2 lightning claws/2 THSS/Veteran Sergeant w/relic blade

In the current codex this comes to not quite 1,000 points which is a good starting point for this project.

I'll let you know how it pans out and as I mention earlier, if you want to get involved please get in touch!

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