Monday, 2 September 2013

More addictive than crack?

"Hi everyone, my name is err, 'Tiberius' and I'm an addict. I know this because I count the cost of other things like groceries and petrol in terms of tactical squads and razorbacks - Shall I have a beer after work? Hmmm, no I need those pots of Nuln Oil for my Carcharodons. If I'm going to a new place I'm online looking to see if there is a store where I can go and score some plastic, (or even Finecast if that's all they have :/ ) I spend more on this than I do on food, it's destroying my social life though thankfully not my marriage...yet."

This is all in jest of course though there is an element of truth to the above. Case in point: Recently C:SM when up for  pre-orders and I honestly sat there for a good 20 minutes procrastinating over a special edition codex. Now, I bought the collectors edition rulebook for 6th ed and it sits on top of my display cabinet. No one has ever mentioned it and I've rarely looked through it, it's not even held it's value - they're currently on eBay for about £30 less than I paid for it. Would I buy another one? No. In the end I chose not to buy the codex after I checked through my bank statements and saw that I'd spent over £1,000 on GW stuff since January...since JANUARY! That to me seems insane but it's the reality of this hobby I suppose. I'm not here to bitch about prices, that's not a fight worth having but it does request a bit of soul searching on my part. I've bought a house recently and am saving for a wedding, can I really justify spending £70 on a codex? No, hand on heart I cannot. Really, I should stop buying this least until after the wedding.

FW gives you free delivery on orders over £250 which means I'm FAR more likely to buy that much than buy £60 worth and pay 20% shipping, even if I can't really afford £250 in the first place! This is where I realise I'm an addict. Focusing all my finances on my wedding is the only reasonable course of action, it's for the woman I love and is supposed to be the happiest day of my life but I know it's not going to happen. HH: Book 2 is out at Gamesday along with a whole host of new resin flavoured goodies and I'm going to cave in, I know I will. I know I shouldn't but I will end up throwing a wad of cash at it and justify this by saying "I didn't buy anything in September so I can treat myself." I won't tell my fiancee because she'll flip out, I'll hide it away and keep it a secret. Replace 'resin' with 'crack' or 'alcohol' and this story gets very sad indeed! 

So, how do I wean myself off this habit as it spirals out of control? Do I go cold turkey - buy some tinned soup and nail shut the door, do I set myself a limit of £X a month and swear not to go over or do I just let it happen and see where it takes me? Does anyone else think that they are a resin-based addict?

In the mean time I'm selling some stuff to make up some money, those FW goodies aren't going to pay for themselves...


  1. Yeah, SM codex + HH2 + some new tacticals and land speeder storms on my schedule for sure, plus the FW wish list, it's asking a lot for the fall season. Probably one more codex this year as well ...

  2. budgeting is the way to go. SImilar to the tale of four gamers. Set yourself to £50 a month, and only spend that. Money carries over from month to month, but you can't use money from the next month.

  3. GW did a nice job suckering people on the special edition codexes this time but splitting them up into what like 7 different ones. Makes each one seem more "special" since their are only 500 hundred of each but then again they play the same and if you actually want to "collect" it you probably do not want to be taking it around to games with you.

  4. If it helps, my wife's wedding dress was 'only'(!) £300 in a sale.

    I'm just sayin'...

  5. On reflection I'm all for budgeting, not sure I can stick to £50 can't buy much with that these days! Maybe £100? Or is that too much?

  6. If it makes you feel better, I probably spend $200-$300 a month on 40k plastic. On average, anyway. Sometimes I drop $1000 in a month, then don't buy anything for 2 months, but its in that ballpark.