Tuesday, 15 October 2013

World Eaters?

For a variety of reasons from Ofsted to rugby my hobby has been put on the back burner recently. However, time once again is to hand and I should be able to get some progress made on various bits and pieces.

But first, a dilemma...

I'm currently reading Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter (a very good book indeed) and am once again finding myself drawn towards an Istvaan based army. The problem is I don't know which way to turn! The loyalist story is tragic and filled with interesting characters but the traitors get all the cool toys. From a hobby perspective it makes sense to buy the models you love, the problem is is that the characters I love don't have the tanks and jet bikes that I want to buy.

That said, there is a scene in GiF where Angron emerges from a Thunderhawk that is tempting me to go to the World Eaters. Angron is an interesting character. At face value he is quite simple - brutal, aggression, violent but once you get past that there is a tormented soul in there, one who feels guilt at not dying with his fellow gladiator-slaves, resentment at having to follow any master (not just the Emperor) and dare I say it, honour. The reason Angron goes down to the Choral City is to put an end to those who followed him in a fitting way, not through cowardly orbital bombardments or chemicals but face to face, personal combat. I like that, I can relate to that, sort of. At my old job it was all about indirectly dealing with issues, emails to superiors or other staff, niggling comments and back stabbing (it reminded me of Game of Thrones) but I prefer the more face to face way of settling things...not necessarily using violence mind.

So do I take the plunge and start some World Eaters? Well I'm still undecided but it is my birthday next month so hopefully the gaming coffers will be filled. If I do I'm going to start by recreating that scene, 

10 rampagers
Storm Eagle (...I can't afford a Thunderhawk)
Cataphractii with chain axes.

Or Salamanders, I might do Salamanders.