Sunday, 17 November 2013

30k Ravenguard-Exclusive Flyer?

Last spring when I went to Nottingham for the first Horus Heresy Weekender I was sat in the 'Preview of a massacre' seminar when I heard this during a Q&A session with Alan Merrit (head of IP)...

Q:Will we be seeing Stormbirds?
A: There are lots of different variants of these used by different legions and we are going to try and do one or maybe two, it won't be to scale relative to Thunderhawks. It won't be for a while though. However there is a new flyer coming in.

On the face of it, that looks likely to be the Fire Raptor. However, later in the day I was speaking with one of the design team and he mentioned that there might be a Raven Guard exclusive Storm Eagle varient in the works. Crucially he didn't say "as well" but he was very specific about it being Raven Guard exclusive. So, does anyone out there on the internet have any information on this? I thought I might be making it up but I checked my transcripts from the seminars and there it was!

On an aside, has the countdown to Massacre pt2 begun? With the latest FW tank (the Sicaran Venator) being up for pre-orders for Nov 30th, is this the first unit from pt2? (I can't see it in pt1...) if so, how long until we have to wait? Christmas? Easter? These two are supposed to be out in quick succession so I guess we should start holding our breath...

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