Saturday, 9 November 2013

What to do with spare space marines

Currently sat in a box on my desk are a cluster of half built models who currently have no real purpose. I had thought to do an Ultramarines successor chapter called the Scions of Calth but that has lost its appeal after a bit of a faff trying to paint them in literal bits (rather than as a whole) and then sticking them together. This was more trouble than it was worth and has been abandoned as a concept.

So what do I do now?

The force currently consists of:

Techmarine with servitors
10 Sternguard
10 Vanguard
20 Tactical Marines

Before we go any further, please bare in mind that I already have the following armies - admittedly in various states of paintedness

2,500pts Carcharadons
1,750pts Raven Guard
1,500pts Celestial Lions (Imperial Fists)
1,500pts Ultramarines
600pts White Scars

It seems to me that Iron Hands would be a solid bet but I've already got 2 all-black armies (I've got a 2,000 point Death Company army knocking around somewhere) and I'm not sure I can manage a 3rd. My local store manager suggested Crimson Fists because you can have Sternguard as scoring units but my Celestial Lions already have the same chapter tactics. Salamanders are something I haven't touched upon but because I'd rather do them as 30k (I've got the new HH book coming on Monday) and all the cloaks and tabard so you get on the Sternguard aren't very reflective of the 'world of fire' thing they have going on.

If you had these minis on your desk, what would you do?


  1. I'd start another badab war force to keep the space sharks company! Minotaurs or red scorpions would be amazing, although doing them as astral claws would also go well.

  2. Sons of Medusa if you like Iron Hands. How do you feel about bright green? I believe it was the painting corps who did a nice army of them that you could check out.

  3. Sons of medusa wouldn't be a bad shout actually, and they'd be covered in the same IA book as my Carcharadons - good thinking you two!

  4. I'd expand upon your current Space Marine armies and push them up to 2,000 each, that way you've got more to play with list wise and also allows you to play slightly bigger games. Although Sons of Medusa are pretty rad!