Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dark Elves Army List

I mentioned before Christmas that I'm participating in my local store's 6 month project to build a 1,500 point army. I chose Dark Elves, largely because I want to try and get into fantasy and because Dark Elves look pretty nasty! The DE hold a special place in my heart because a looooong time ago I inadvertently won a signed copy of their 4th edition battle book. GW were randomly handing out signed copies to people who bought something on line and they chose me that particular month.

Yesterday I built and painted my Executioners, it was quite a task but once I caught my rhythm the whole process took about 4 hours. They aren't display cabinet standard but they do look good enough for the tabletop.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ultramar Auxilia

The Ultramarines are not the only loyalist force that make an appearance in Know No Fear, the Ultramar Auxilia (local Imperial Guard regiments) make a goods dhow of them selves - in fact a sergeant of the Auxilia makes the first loyalist kill of the Battle of Calth! 

This is going to be the inspiration for my Imperial Guard army. Today I've finished building my starter force of a Veteran Squad in a Chimera, Hellhammer and Lord Commissar. They've been under coated and are ready for painting, though they are in a queue behind some Dark Elves...

I've made good use of some of the FW conversion kits to make my veterans. The Cadian Hostile Enviornment kits give the troops a more solid, technical appearance befitting specialist veterans. The melta squad upgrade will give them some serios firepower, especially when bundling out of a Chimera. I've given them the Grenadiers perk (so they are a bit more durable) and the sergeant has a power fist. It's quite a cheep unit (just under 200 points) and would make quite a good Kill-Team, especially given the new restrictions on unit numbers and armour saves!

Moving onto the colour scheme, I want to incorporate some ultramarine blue onto the armour, particularly at least one of the shoulders and the helmet. I found a picture on deviant art which looks quite good (see below) but I want to make it a more gritty look. I'm not going for black like in the picture but I'm undecided whether to go for urban grey rubble or a more earthy look. I think the Ultramar Auxilia would be more tank and equipment orientated what with them being really well equipped from all the worlds of the realm. As a result I would see them as a more an open plaines cavalry type force, so I suppose the earthy colours would be better...however, a brown baneblade isn't particularly appealing! I'll leave it for now and worry about it when I finally get round to painting them.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Holiday Goodies!

Merry Christmas to you all!

My to twitter feed has been alive with people's GW/FW gifts, it seems like they've had a rip-roaring time of it this year!

Myself? I did pretty well, it was the first time I put up a wish list which helped. Santa sent me...
Sicaron battle tank
MkIV squad
Tyrannic War Veterans
Vulkan Lives
Thousand Sons

Lord knows when I'll get round to sorting them all out, my Eldar from last Christmas are still only about 1/3 done and I just ordered a load of IG...thankfully(?) money is a bit tight for a few months now so my wild spending days are to be curtailed, at least until September. But that's no bad thing.

Hope you enjoy playing with your new shinies people!


Codex: Inquisition was released a few weeks ago and whilst I picked it up at the time I've only now had a chance to go through it properly. As usual the narrative is interesting  and it's great to add a bit more fluff to the universe. The artwork is spectacular and the book is worth getting just for that. The rules however are a tad uninspiring. They are lifted straight out of C:GK and bar access to wargear there isno real distinction between the different branches of the Inquisition. This seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity and leaves me a bit underwhelmed.

I'm especially annoyed that the wargear on FW's Inquisitor Rex isn't a viable option! I have to use the IA rules which sort of defeated the point of buying the codex in the first place...I blame the Alpha Legion.

Anyway, here is my inquisitor, he is nearly done and no, that is not his base...

Monday, 23 December 2013

In store, tale of gamers

My local store (and in fact most UK stores as far as I can tell) is running a 6 month project scheme. You are supposed to buy, build and paint 250points per month in an effort to get a 1,500 point list finished by the end. I've gone for Dark Elves and although initially it was fine (painting special characters is easy to do over a weekend) I've come unstuck with the Fantasy blob issue...

I can set aside a bit of time here and there to paint one or two models but painting 20 Executioners is going to take me a long old time, let alone the 40 Black Ark Corsairs I need to buy next month...this isn't main stumbling block with WHFB and is one I'm not sure how to overcome - bar playing Ogres.

My list so far stands as:

Dread lord on Coldone
10 Executioners
5 Coldone Knights
10 Black Ark Corsairs.

The plan into add some sisters of slaughter, bolt throwers and some dark shards for moral support.

I'll keep you posted.


Despite the furore that it has caused I've only just picked up a copy of Escalation and I find it quite intriguing. I can appreciate why the nay-Sayers are up in arms about it - it's new and that's scary - but it looks like good fun. I think this idea gets a bit lost at times, this is a GAME and it's supposed to be FUN allowing you to have a bit of a LAUGH. The best games I've played, or rather the most fun I've  had have usually involved me getting tabled. People need to stop taking it all quite so seriously! If there were mega £££ to be earned winning tournaments then fair enough but as far as I know, there aren't so please people, relax.

Anyway. I've gone ahead and ordered some IG in readiness for getting into Escalation. If rumours are true then Guard are next after Tyrannids. I've been holding off on starting a guard army for a while because I knew they we due for a revamp so I've started small...sort of.

Lord Commissar
Command Squad (FW hostile environment set)
Shock Troops (with FW Cadian hostile environment upgrade and melta squad upgrade)
Baneblade (think I'm going to use it as a hellhammer)

I'm going to make up lots of mechanised veterans and storm troopers in valkyries with Leman Russ' in support of the Hell hammer, because you know, tanks.

Kill Team - £7.99!?

Ive said it before many times, but I love kill team. For someone who doesn't have 3 hours on a regular basis to knock out a big game of 40k, KT scratches that itch just right. My record is hit and miss, I tend to go more for fluff than playability but I still love it. 

As part of their Christmas season, GW have just released an ipad edition of the Kill Team rules. It looks pretty slick but is priced at £7.99... This seams a lot to me especially as it's only 31 pages (26 after you remove the index and legal bits). I appreciate that iBooks are time consuming to make - I've made several revision guides for my students and they take hours to do properly - but still, £7.99 seems a bit steep. 

I've had a similar issue with some of the other Christmas digital releases. Yes it's only 99p and that's not much but these stories are only about 8 pages long! (1,000 words) maybe I'm just being tight fisted but I'd have hoped that GW could have got into the festive spirit and given these away for free, If you buy all of the little things they've released so far you'd have spent over £50...

Anyways, Merry Christmas!

Macragge's Honour

Black Library are releasing a print-to-order HH Graphic novel based on the Ulramarine's flag ship during the battle of Calth. It looks fairly impressive and I am sorely tempted. I went ona bit of a rant about collectors editions some time ago and I'm pretty sure this falls into the "unnecessary but I want it" category. 

It is an interesting business model that BL are using with this product. By selling it for a limited time (deadline is 08/01/14) they only produce enough for the orders that are placed. There is a ten week manufacturing time (which is long even by GWs standards) and I'm undecided as to whether to pick up a copy (I recently bought a van - it's blood angels red). Are you guys getting one?

Friday, 6 December 2013

Lorgar for Christmas?

Recently I've been on a bit of a Black Library binge, since October I've gone through about six books and am finally getting up to speed on a lot of the Heresy backstory. Typically, after reading each book I want to start an army that reflects the characters in it, reading Betrayer made me want some World Eaters, Fulgrim made me buy Fulgrim, Deliverence Lost started my 40k Raven Guard and of course Know No Fear is what started this whole process off in the first place!