Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dark Elves Army List

I mentioned before Christmas that I'm participating in my local store's 6 month project to build a 1,500 point army. I chose Dark Elves, largely because I want to try and get into fantasy and because Dark Elves look pretty nasty! The DE hold a special place in my heart because a looooong time ago I inadvertently won a signed copy of their 4th edition battle book. GW were randomly handing out signed copies to people who bought something on line and they chose me that particular month.

Yesterday I built and painted my Executioners, it was quite a task but once I caught my rhythm the whole process took about 4 hours. They aren't display cabinet standard but they do look good enough for the tabletop.

Anyway, I've come up with a list based on some research and my own meager understanding of the game. I've posed some questions art the bottom that if any of you could help me answer that'd be great.

Dark Elves Army List:

Supreme Sorceress
Level 4

Heavy armour, shield, Cold One, chill blade

Core Units:
14 warriors, Full command

Black Ark Corsairs
15 Corsairs, hand weapon, full command

10 Darkshards

Dark Riders
5 Dark Riders, shields, repeater crossbows, full command

Special Units:
Cold One Knights
5 Cold One Knights

Har Ganeth Executioners
10 Executioners, full command

Reaper bolt thrower

Rare Units:

1,495 points

Questions - 

1) is a level 4 wizard necessary in a small game or is it a bit overkill?
2) should I put said sorceress in the dreadspears or have her floating about around the back line?
3) Dark riders or another 10 Executioners?
4) Kharibdyss or War Hydra - I really can't decide! It's going to sit in the middle and munch things either way...
5) any other thoughts?

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