Monday, 23 December 2013


Despite the furore that it has caused I've only just picked up a copy of Escalation and I find it quite intriguing. I can appreciate why the nay-Sayers are up in arms about it - it's new and that's scary - but it looks like good fun. I think this idea gets a bit lost at times, this is a GAME and it's supposed to be FUN allowing you to have a bit of a LAUGH. The best games I've played, or rather the most fun I've  had have usually involved me getting tabled. People need to stop taking it all quite so seriously! If there were mega £££ to be earned winning tournaments then fair enough but as far as I know, there aren't so please people, relax.

Anyway. I've gone ahead and ordered some IG in readiness for getting into Escalation. If rumours are true then Guard are next after Tyrannids. I've been holding off on starting a guard army for a while because I knew they we due for a revamp so I've started small...sort of.

Lord Commissar
Command Squad (FW hostile environment set)
Shock Troops (with FW Cadian hostile environment upgrade and melta squad upgrade)
Baneblade (think I'm going to use it as a hellhammer)

I'm going to make up lots of mechanised veterans and storm troopers in valkyries with Leman Russ' in support of the Hell hammer, because you know, tanks.

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