Monday, 23 December 2013

In store, tale of gamers

My local store (and in fact most UK stores as far as I can tell) is running a 6 month project scheme. You are supposed to buy, build and paint 250points per month in an effort to get a 1,500 point list finished by the end. I've gone for Dark Elves and although initially it was fine (painting special characters is easy to do over a weekend) I've come unstuck with the Fantasy blob issue...

I can set aside a bit of time here and there to paint one or two models but painting 20 Executioners is going to take me a long old time, let alone the 40 Black Ark Corsairs I need to buy next month...this isn't main stumbling block with WHFB and is one I'm not sure how to overcome - bar playing Ogres.

My list so far stands as:

Dread lord on Coldone
10 Executioners
5 Coldone Knights
10 Black Ark Corsairs.

The plan into add some sisters of slaughter, bolt throwers and some dark shards for moral support.

I'll keep you posted.

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