Monday, 23 December 2013

Kill Team - £7.99!?

Ive said it before many times, but I love kill team. For someone who doesn't have 3 hours on a regular basis to knock out a big game of 40k, KT scratches that itch just right. My record is hit and miss, I tend to go more for fluff than playability but I still love it. 

As part of their Christmas season, GW have just released an ipad edition of the Kill Team rules. It looks pretty slick but is priced at £7.99... This seams a lot to me especially as it's only 31 pages (26 after you remove the index and legal bits). I appreciate that iBooks are time consuming to make - I've made several revision guides for my students and they take hours to do properly - but still, £7.99 seems a bit steep. 

I've had a similar issue with some of the other Christmas digital releases. Yes it's only 99p and that's not much but these stories are only about 8 pages long! (1,000 words) maybe I'm just being tight fisted but I'd have hoped that GW could have got into the festive spirit and given these away for free, If you buy all of the little things they've released so far you'd have spent over £50...

Anyways, Merry Christmas!

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