Friday, 6 December 2013

Lorgar for Christmas?

Recently I've been on a bit of a Black Library binge, since October I've gone through about six books and am finally getting up to speed on a lot of the Heresy backstory. Typically, after reading each book I want to start an army that reflects the characters in it, reading Betrayer made me want some World Eaters, Fulgrim made me buy Fulgrim, Deliverence Lost started my 40k Raven Guard and of course Know No Fear is what started this whole process off in the first place!

I'm currently reading The First Heretic by AD-B and am really enjoying it. The Word Bearers have always annoyed me and I've never quite put my finger on why exactly that is...(I think its something to do with Erebus being a sycophant much like a kid I loathed at school). Lorgar always seems to be either smug and self righteous or just a bit of a wimp, however in TFH you get a better sense of why he is the way he is and the injustice he has 'suffered' at the hands of the Emperor. 

Whether it is fate's guiding hand or simply coincidence, as I read TFH, Forge World have released a rather impressive model of Lorgar. Now, unlike almost all of the other books i've read, I don't want to start a new Word Bearer's army (though the dark apostle is pretty cool), however with Christmas right around the corner I might be tempted to pick up this guy and get him done over the holidays.

Below is a video by the designer talking about the model - what do you guys think?

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  1. Love it. I will order it and then put it in the pile with the rest to afraid to do the sculpt justice with my painting. It's viscous cycle of self loathing and retail therapy...