Monday, 23 December 2013

Macragge's Honour

Black Library are releasing a print-to-order HH Graphic novel based on the Ulramarine's flag ship during the battle of Calth. It looks fairly impressive and I am sorely tempted. I went ona bit of a rant about collectors editions some time ago and I'm pretty sure this falls into the "unnecessary but I want it" category. 

It is an interesting business model that BL are using with this product. By selling it for a limited time (deadline is 08/01/14) they only produce enough for the orders that are placed. There is a ten week manufacturing time (which is long even by GWs standards) and I'm undecided as to whether to pick up a copy (I recently bought a van - it's blood angels red). Are you guys getting one?

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  1. I bought it, but since leaving gaming and therefore the army building side have more funds available for the hobby side of things of which i view this kind of material as "research or inspiration". Dollars to doughnuts though there will be a mass release on paper back at some point in the future so if the price tag is high just wait them out. That is what I have done with the HH series once they switched to hardcover. I have to wait 6-8 months for paperback versions but, I prefer them so I wait and save a bit of money to boot ;)