Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ultramar Auxilia

The Ultramarines are not the only loyalist force that make an appearance in Know No Fear, the Ultramar Auxilia (local Imperial Guard regiments) make a goods dhow of them selves - in fact a sergeant of the Auxilia makes the first loyalist kill of the Battle of Calth! 

This is going to be the inspiration for my Imperial Guard army. Today I've finished building my starter force of a Veteran Squad in a Chimera, Hellhammer and Lord Commissar. They've been under coated and are ready for painting, though they are in a queue behind some Dark Elves...

I've made good use of some of the FW conversion kits to make my veterans. The Cadian Hostile Enviornment kits give the troops a more solid, technical appearance befitting specialist veterans. The melta squad upgrade will give them some serios firepower, especially when bundling out of a Chimera. I've given them the Grenadiers perk (so they are a bit more durable) and the sergeant has a power fist. It's quite a cheep unit (just under 200 points) and would make quite a good Kill-Team, especially given the new restrictions on unit numbers and armour saves!

Moving onto the colour scheme, I want to incorporate some ultramarine blue onto the armour, particularly at least one of the shoulders and the helmet. I found a picture on deviant art which looks quite good (see below) but I want to make it a more gritty look. I'm not going for black like in the picture but I'm undecided whether to go for urban grey rubble or a more earthy look. I think the Ultramar Auxilia would be more tank and equipment orientated what with them being really well equipped from all the worlds of the realm. As a result I would see them as a more an open plaines cavalry type force, so I suppose the earthy colours would be better...however, a brown baneblade isn't particularly appealing! I'll leave it for now and worry about it when I finally get round to painting them.

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