Monday, 20 January 2014

Burst cannons for Troop choices!

I bought the Farsight Enclaves supplement a while back and have recently drawn up a Kill-Team from it (making use of it's XV8 as troops rule) to give me 4 Battlesuits with a pretty good spread of kit. Whilst writing that list I started to think about a fully suited XV8 list and how that would look/function on the table.

Having XV8s as troops is a blessing as far as I'm concerned, though if you're not careful they can start to get stupidly expensive. So how do you get them to work? I've thought about it and I've settled on burst cannons, here's why...

I asked myself: What are troop choices for? 
A: Securing objectives

Unless you're planning to simply table your opponent every game (Death Company!) your troops are generally going to win you the match by securing those objectives and their corresponding victory points. To do this, troops need to be durable but still be able to deal some damage. This is why tactical squads are to my mind one of the best troop choices in 40k. So I asked myself, how can I get my XV8s to function like tactical squads? 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Tyrannic War Veterans Dataslate review

I preordered this Dataslate last weekend and have been quietly looking forward to it for the past few dats. I've found myself with some un painted leftovers after a cabinet reshuffle and I've been holding off on making a decision untill I'd read the Dataslate.


It's actually quite good. There is a fair bit of fluff, some cool artwork, 2 formations and all the requisite rules from C:SM. In short, all you want from a Dataslate. I definitely think this isthe way forward for expanding the universe, it's much better value for money than the supplements and can be produced much faster.

Web address dramas

Well, as it turns out I'm not very good at web admin. My domain has been vaulted because i forgot to renew it and the hosting site want $85 to un-vault it! Bastards. Anyway, I've just bought and will soon have that connected to the site. In the meantime you will be redirected to the default bloodspot address.

Someone call a tech priest!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What's the points limit?

I have 4 armies, well 4 and a half now I've got a few bits for the Imperial Guard. They are...
Space Marines
Grey Knights

The problem is, it's not just 4 armies is it, it's more like 9. Largely because I have several distinct Space Marine armies, 3 of which are from C:SM. I also have a Blood Angels Death Company list (1500 points), Space Wolves (1,800 points) and Dark Angels (1,500 points). My C:SM lists are Carcharadons (2,000 points), Raven Guard (2,500 points) and Celestial Lions (2,000 points)...oh and don't forget my 30k Ultramarines.

Is this too many? My plan has always been to round each army off at about 2,500 points but I'm beginning to wonder whether I shouldn't just have one massive army! People I know tend to have a large army or two and then smaller formations to occasionally use. As I don't really have a chance to game that much, perhaps this is a bit of a waste? Realistically when am I ever going to need 6,000 points of Astartes? 

Maybe I should just sell some? 

No that's ridiculous...

Anyway, where would you draw the line and say "that's enough of them for now"? Does such a thing exist? Can a collection ever be complete?

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tyrannic War Veterans

The new data slate comes out at some point in the next week outlining how to field these Nid hunting specialists. It's an interesting decision by GW because if any SM unit warrants a full supplement book it's the TWVs (BTs and CFs probably deserve a codex...)

Natfka broke news that GW might be canning supplements and shifting to data slates. This to me is a good idea. I bought the Farsight conclave and whilst the fluff is excellent, actually the rules aren't more than a FOC change and a few new relics - definitely not worth the £25 I paid for it. The data slate is £4.99 and I have no gripes in paying that, even if it is a dud (Iyanden...)

On that subject of TWVs, I received the vets pack for Christmas, they are beautiful models but pose a problem. The right shoulder guard has an elaborate sword/flame/moon/skull thing going on - this indicates that the marine is a TWV. However, these aren't sold separately and the 4 models are so distinct (and beyond my skill to customise properly) that just buying a load of them would look ridiculous. This leads me to a plea...

Does anyone know anything about casting? I've read a few tutorials but all seem to be different approaches. I need to make a mold which I can turn into a tray of 5-10 shoulder pads to churn them out for a 1,500 point force.

Happy hunting!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What now for my Kill Team?

Last year I went to a Warhammer World Kill-Team event day, it was great fun and I had some good matches. I finished around the middle if I remember rightly with my Sternguard in a Razorback but with the new codex and indeed new rules (your leader can't be a specialist...) my Kill Team doesn't work anymore! So, what do I do about it?

1) Review Space Marines
This would seem to be the logical choice but honestly im struggling to find something that is durable and punchy enough but with sufficient numbers to give you a fighting chance. The best I've come up with is either Sgt Telion leading scouts and a grav gun combat squad or a Bike Squad. Vanguards are too pricey. Terminators are off limits (2+ save) and to get a decent Sternguard squad you negate their transport meaning they have to slog about.

2) Eldar
Striking Scorpions are perfect for Kill-Team. An exarch with a biting blade and crushing blow is hitting at WS5, I6 and 3 attacks on the charge at S6. Every model also has stealth, infiltrate and loads of other Gucci tricks. With 3+ save they should stick around for a bit. As a bonus, a squad of 6 with the Exarch leave you with enough points for a squad of Rangers. These bad boys have an excellent sniper rifle, stealth and scout too. You can get them in a great position from the off, hide them in cover and fire away for 6 turns. With the removal of 2+ saves the sniper rifle will take some casualties a game guaranteed.

3) Eldar part 2
Warp spiders. These guys are good and assuming the dice gods are smiling at you they can be excellent. Their temperamental jump packs mean you'll have a fun, nerve wracking game though I wouldn't trust them at a tournament...

4) Tau
The Riptide bomb is gone. With a minimum of 4 models needed in your team lots of Tau players might feel left out - you can't even get an XV-8 trio on the list! The list I've come up with has a twin linked missile pod XV-8, An XV-8 shas'vre with burst cannon, fusion blaster and an onegar gauntlet and 5 path finders, 1 with rail rifle. 
In my opinion, the absence of the 2+ armour save has solved the question of missile pod vs plasma rifle. They cost the same but the S7 AP4 missile pod does it for me. The Assault 2 nature should clock in 2 wounds at a long range when coupled with some marker lights with minimal risk of return damage...phew.

Also, give the rail rifle pathfinder Relentless and he can rush about sniping things.

4) Imperial Guard
Veterans, melta guns, chimera, grenadiers.

5) Grey Knights
Interceptors with incinerators...

So what have you guys come up with? I'd love to hear about your exploits and lists, maybe even see you at a Kill-Team event?