Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tyrannic War Veterans

The new data slate comes out at some point in the next week outlining how to field these Nid hunting specialists. It's an interesting decision by GW because if any SM unit warrants a full supplement book it's the TWVs (BTs and CFs probably deserve a codex...)

Natfka broke news that GW might be canning supplements and shifting to data slates. This to me is a good idea. I bought the Farsight conclave and whilst the fluff is excellent, actually the rules aren't more than a FOC change and a few new relics - definitely not worth the £25 I paid for it. The data slate is £4.99 and I have no gripes in paying that, even if it is a dud (Iyanden...)

On that subject of TWVs, I received the vets pack for Christmas, they are beautiful models but pose a problem. The right shoulder guard has an elaborate sword/flame/moon/skull thing going on - this indicates that the marine is a TWV. However, these aren't sold separately and the 4 models are so distinct (and beyond my skill to customise properly) that just buying a load of them would look ridiculous. This leads me to a plea...

Does anyone know anything about casting? I've read a few tutorials but all seem to be different approaches. I need to make a mold which I can turn into a tray of 5-10 shoulder pads to churn them out for a 1,500 point force.

Happy hunting!


  1. 1. Get some Green Stuff putty.
    2. mix some up and push it down over the icon on the shoulder pad. Let Dry overnight and remove. Note perfect mold is formed.
    3. put more putty on blank shoulder pad. wet surface and press mold down on putty. remove immediately or the dry putty will stick to the wet putty. Remove excess with craft knife. Done.

    option 2:
    Get some 'Instant Mold' sticks. Stick one in bowl of hot water. remove carefully and press on original shoulder detail instead. This won't stick to the wet putty.

    Both work fine. Done it myself for TWV shoulder detail, I promise.

    1. Ah, should have said, this'll work OK for what you've describe, but is neither as difficult nor as efficient as other techniques like epoxy rubber molds. I've used them a bit, but the hot epoxy resin is annoying to use and the materials are expensive. I'd stick to greenstuff unless you're very keen indeed.

  2. I can help you out there fella. Head over to:
    If you can't find what you're after there your not looking hard enough :)
    If you want some more info on a quick and easy way head over to Resin Addict and look me up
    Arkangel. Drop me a PM and I'll point you in a couple of directions.
    Please feel free to put RA there to the masses of your readers we're always looking for new members.
    Dan - Arkangel

  3. Awesome advice, thank you. I'm going to get some doxy and smooth cast 305 I think, I'll let you know how it goes!