Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What's the points limit?

I have 4 armies, well 4 and a half now I've got a few bits for the Imperial Guard. They are...
Space Marines
Grey Knights

The problem is, it's not just 4 armies is it, it's more like 9. Largely because I have several distinct Space Marine armies, 3 of which are from C:SM. I also have a Blood Angels Death Company list (1500 points), Space Wolves (1,800 points) and Dark Angels (1,500 points). My C:SM lists are Carcharadons (2,000 points), Raven Guard (2,500 points) and Celestial Lions (2,000 points)...oh and don't forget my 30k Ultramarines.

Is this too many? My plan has always been to round each army off at about 2,500 points but I'm beginning to wonder whether I shouldn't just have one massive army! People I know tend to have a large army or two and then smaller formations to occasionally use. As I don't really have a chance to game that much, perhaps this is a bit of a waste? Realistically when am I ever going to need 6,000 points of Astartes? 

Maybe I should just sell some? 

No that's ridiculous...

Anyway, where would you draw the line and say "that's enough of them for now"? Does such a thing exist? Can a collection ever be complete?

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  1. Hmmm... I am going to be getting rid of all my terrain and my DE and Necrons soon. I have chosen display painter over gaming. I will never let go of my Dark Angels though. That being said I already have way more minis than I have time to paint, but the prevailing theory there is that I am now effectively immortal since I cannot die until I have painted the last one o_O The Lady Inquisitor seems sceptical. Yep, here comes the raised eyebrow...