Friday, 28 February 2014

Lucius the Eternal Librarian

I've gone for an unconventional finish on this one, I've got some Emperor's children knocking about in a box and they are all in purple (heresy era style) and I figured my Lucius needs to be too. Anyway, here he is.

Eldar Tanks

Last weekend I went on a bit of an airbrushing spree with some wood elves, I had a battle force sat in a box for the past...2 years which I've now built and base coated. Whilst doing that I noticed my Eldar grav tanks looking forlorn on the bottom shelf so I've decided that they will be my project now the Inquisitor's tank is just about finished.

I've tried for a Mymeara look with some limited success. Blending the paints together is still a skill I need to learn, I've got a Badger airbrush but I'm still wuss ing that out, it absolutely chugs paint and I have no idea why. If anyone else has a similar problem and or a solution please let me know - restocking is getting expensive!

Anyway, here is the progress so far, I just need to zap the cockpits and I'm done.

I am actually really pleased with the blending and OSL on the fire prism's weapon

Oh, and here are some of the finished Wood Elves, not my best but they'll do for the table top.

The £5 Wargamer challenge

This has been doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment (I'm @calthburns btw...) but the idea is to buy a mini off ebay for £5 or less (not including postage), paint it, convert it etc and then resell it. The winner is the person who can make the most profit. The idea is to give the money to charity though honestly I think you'd probably be better off just giving £5 to charity...anyway, I'm game!

I lost out on a few bids on some special characters and even a leman Russ (£6.25 grrr) but I did get a full squad of metal Catachans for £4.27 and some Dark Elf Black Guard for bang on £5. I'm not sure of the elves will turn much profit but I think the Catachans will. Oh, and you need photographic evidence of your purchase and sale.

The deadline for the project is 31st March and I encourage you to get involved!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm an Inquisitor and I'm borrowing your vehicle...

So the wedding was a huge success and we are home without incident. Thankfully my new wife is still letting me be a geek and as such I've started retasking a Carcharodon Land Raider for my Inquisition. I've not done anything drastic to the superstructure but I've added a lot of iconography from the Grey Knights kits and some of the street lights from various scenery buildings. The biggest conversion is the cupola where I've built an inquisitorial henchmen reading from a vast tome, the book itself is from the Vampire Counts Coven Throne whilst the henchman is scrap Space Marine bits with a Grey Knight head.

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Last week I spoke about the mountain of unpainted minis I had cluttering up my office, well, in the last few days I have made a good start on getting through them...this week I've painted the following:

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Being skint is a good thing...

I get married in under two weeks and it's cost me a considerable amount of money (about a chapter's worth) as such money is tighter than I'd like and so I have had to curtail my hobby spending to finishing my 250 point Tale of Gamers pledges.

I'll confess this is hard work, FW has some cool new toys out and I've started to take a better look at my Dark Angels - I even had my first Necron itch the other day...but I will persevere, or at least try to.

I'm viewing this as a form of penance for my reckless spending. I have well over 150 models of various shapes and sizes that need painting - which is a lot. Thus I have set myself the task of getting them done before returning to the realm of frivolous spending.