Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Being skint is a good thing...

I get married in under two weeks and it's cost me a considerable amount of money (about a chapter's worth) as such money is tighter than I'd like and so I have had to curtail my hobby spending to finishing my 250 point Tale of Gamers pledges.

I'll confess this is hard work, FW has some cool new toys out and I've started to take a better look at my Dark Angels - I even had my first Necron itch the other day...but I will persevere, or at least try to.

I'm viewing this as a form of penance for my reckless spending. I have well over 150 models of various shapes and sizes that need painting - which is a lot. Thus I have set myself the task of getting them done before returning to the realm of frivolous spending.

The task before my is no small one. In no particular order I have the following to paint...

Dark Angels:
6 bikes, Sammael, rhino and two tactical squads, land speeder, RW command squad

Fire prism, 2 wave serpents, guardians, striking scorpions, wraithguard, dire avengers and a farseer council

Space Wolves
14 tactical marines, 3 chariots (of my own design) and 2 wolf guard terminators

Blood Angels:
32 Death Company and 5 Sanguinary Guard

4 TYVeterans, Cassius and in 30k 5 scouts, 10 assault marines and 5 mkIVs

Raven Guard:
10 Assault marines, 20 vanguard marines, a tactical squad, drop pod, Sicarion Venator, librarian and command squad, storm talon.

Celestial Lions:
Tactical Squad, 5 terminators

Combat assault squad, 10 terminators, Land Raider, drop pod.

Imperial Guard:
Baneblade, 15 Vostroyan First born, cadian veteran squad in a chimera, command squad

Grey Knights:
10 terminators, 7 purifiers, 14 knights and 7 interceptros + an inquisitor an about 7 henchmen.

Chaos Space Marines:
Fulgrim, Angron, Lucius the eternal, 5 chosen, 15 cultists, 10 chaos space marines and a hell brute.

To top this off I have my monthly pledges of Dark Elves to do - this month I've got 5 Dark Riders and another 10 executioners to finish.

As you can see, this is no small effort. I'm realistic in saying that I probably won't get all of these done by September (when the money should start flowing again) but I'm hoping to at least make a sizeable dent into this lot.

What do you guys have in your back catalogue? Can you top this list?

Let me know in the comments section below...

p.s. - I've got some Tau to do as well...


  1. I think I may be close my good sir. I have

    40 MK3
    6 drop pods
    1 shadowsword
    3 Thallax
    1 Techpriest
    1 Inquisitor
    1 Thunderhawk
    10 Cataphractii
    5 Deathwing knights
    10 Dark Angels marines
    1 loss of sanity :)

    1. and a partridge in a pear tree!

      Impressive haul, the thunder hawk alone will take take the better part of what, 10-20 hours?

  2. Ha! Says this display painter...

    Alice from tale of war.
    scout vs lictor diorama based on helion rain (6 minis)
    Hook from tale of war
    Dark vengeance terminators (5 minis)
    wreckage diorama (3 minis)
    Dv bikes (3 minis)
    kings of war vampire coutess
    DV tactical squad (10 minis)
    Teka from MDC
    tiki skull from MDC
    Rt era rhino/ marine/ tallarn desert diorama (4 minis + rhino)
    D&D drow war party (5 minis)
    Rt era Ragnar
    RT ear lilith hesperax
    Mk 1 terminator
    MK1 dread

    8 busts from relic board game
    1 bust spacewolf bust from custom sculptor
    1 squig from custom sculptor

    6 larger scale forge world space marines

    1 e2046 samus aran
    1 large scale anime vampirella
    1 54mmm twighlight knight

    1 90mm female space marine

    angron fro FW
    fulgrim from FW
    loken & abbadon from FW
    eabus & kor from FW
    ferrus manus from FW
    Lorgar From FW
    Calas typhon from FW

    loka board game pieces
    8+ chibi primarches

    2 maow minis
    1 runic mini
    4 SDE baby dragons
    1 rackham werewolf
    1 steampunk sniper
    30mm harely quinn
    rasputina from malifaux
    2 anima tactics agents

    another vampire countess
    isabeau from raCKHAM

    dark elf witch from kings of war

    shimmer & hannako from hassle free

    2 minis from bushido

    2 bikers from infinity

    I'm dizzy... are you spinning? ~wump~

  3. Advanced Congrats on the upcoming wedding sir.

    My own list.... Ugh.

    It's similar in scale to your own (Probably a little less), only add a Flames of War army and 15mm terrain on to it.

    Good luck.