Friday, 28 February 2014

Eldar Tanks

Last weekend I went on a bit of an airbrushing spree with some wood elves, I had a battle force sat in a box for the past...2 years which I've now built and base coated. Whilst doing that I noticed my Eldar grav tanks looking forlorn on the bottom shelf so I've decided that they will be my project now the Inquisitor's tank is just about finished.

I've tried for a Mymeara look with some limited success. Blending the paints together is still a skill I need to learn, I've got a Badger airbrush but I'm still wuss ing that out, it absolutely chugs paint and I have no idea why. If anyone else has a similar problem and or a solution please let me know - restocking is getting expensive!

Anyway, here is the progress so far, I just need to zap the cockpits and I'm done.

I am actually really pleased with the blending and OSL on the fire prism's weapon

Oh, and here are some of the finished Wood Elves, not my best but they'll do for the table top.

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