Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm an Inquisitor and I'm borrowing your vehicle...

So the wedding was a huge success and we are home without incident. Thankfully my new wife is still letting me be a geek and as such I've started retasking a Carcharodon Land Raider for my Inquisition. I've not done anything drastic to the superstructure but I've added a lot of iconography from the Grey Knights kits and some of the street lights from various scenery buildings. The biggest conversion is the cupola where I've built an inquisitorial henchmen reading from a vast tome, the book itself is from the Vampire Counts Coven Throne whilst the henchman is scrap Space Marine bits with a Grey Knight head.

Ignore the Carcharadons base coat it's not staying. I'm not sure quite what scheme to go for though. I'm torn between two or three schemes...
First: Victorian Green and Gold
Ala Battlefleet Gothic, this would be a cool scheme to paint but it wouldn't necessarily fit in with...any of my army. Though I suppose that's sort of the point of the Inquisition!

Second: Black and Crimson
A mat black finish - no highlights, the aim here is to make it look inert - a 'null ship' pariah type thing. The crimson would be on some of the smaller panels and detailing.

Third: Silver
Standard Grey Knight scheme so I can stick some purifiers in it and use it with my Grey Knight army.

I've struggled to find much in the easy of inspiration but if you see anything that might help, pop a link in the comments below.

I went with the green as you can see below, more pics to follow...

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