Sunday, 9 February 2014


Last week I spoke about the mountain of unpainted minis I had cluttering up my office, well, in the last few days I have made a good start on getting through them...this week I've painted the following:

Dark Elves:
5 Dark Riders
8 Executioners and a kit bashed Tullaris Dreadbringer
5 Dreadspears
5 Darkshards
and the whole army's movement trays

Space Marines:
Master of the Forge - less the harness...
Chaplain Cassius
(although they aren't finished I've made a good start on my 30k scouts and sorted out a method for painting my Raven Guard).

Imperial Guard:
9 Veterans

I've literally just put my brush down as it's late and I didn't want to get too stuck into Lucius the Eternal but he's been base coated and had the first load of washes on him.

Because I've finished my pledges for my Tale of Gamers army (Dark Elves) for this month already I've got a few free evenings on the horizon and am lining up my next few challenges. Because the weather is so miserable I can't do much in the way of airbrushing (I err, open a window for ventilation) so I'm a little bit stuck on what I can tackle next. My Raven Guard and in fact all the other space marines need a second coat before I can start batch painting them, as do the IG and Eldar tanks. I think what I'm going to move onto is my Grey Knights, theres about 40 of them in total and they have been sprayed then zenith highlighted to a glorious silvery shine.

I've had a go at GKs before and have always ended up with a smeary mess...this time I'm going to try a diluted wash with Guilliman Glaze to get that blue-steel hue going. I think it'll work but we shall wait and see! I get married next monday so i'm not sure when I will get to start this new batch but as always I shall keep you posted.

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  1. Happy wife, happy life. All the best on your impending doom, uh - wedding. Yes good save, Zab. Good save...