Friday, 28 February 2014

The £5 Wargamer challenge

This has been doing the rounds on Twitter at the moment (I'm @calthburns btw...) but the idea is to buy a mini off ebay for £5 or less (not including postage), paint it, convert it etc and then resell it. The winner is the person who can make the most profit. The idea is to give the money to charity though honestly I think you'd probably be better off just giving £5 to charity...anyway, I'm game!

I lost out on a few bids on some special characters and even a leman Russ (£6.25 grrr) but I did get a full squad of metal Catachans for £4.27 and some Dark Elf Black Guard for bang on £5. I'm not sure of the elves will turn much profit but I think the Catachans will. Oh, and you need photographic evidence of your purchase and sale.

The deadline for the project is 31st March and I encourage you to get involved!

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  1. Oh, that is a cool idea. It's almost enough to make me join twitter and face book. Almost.