Monday, 3 March 2014

Eldar airbrushing binge

I had a bit of free time over the weekend and went on a bit of an airbrushing spree. My target for this month is to get my Eldar done. All of them. To that end I finished my 3 tanks, my farseer and a guardian defender squad. I also undercoated a squad of Dire Avengers and my Striking Scorpions. 

I've gone for a Mymeara theme, blending a number of valejo air paints to get a layered effect, starting with a light blue/pale green mix layer then feathering green on the feet/shins and a pale blue as a zenith highlight.  I'm pretty pleased with the overall effect, its subtle and not harsh on the eye, it also makes them unique because the nature of airbrush layers means that even subtle angle changes give different effects.

My favourite piece is the OSL on the Fire Prism but I'm also pretty proud of the Farseer's cloak which has blended really nicely.


as a footnote, I HATE painting spirit stones...

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  1. Yeah! Those look great. Throw on an audio book or two for the spirit stones and they'll be done before you know it ;)