Saturday, 22 March 2014

Listen, it's the call of Chaos...

Next month marks the end of my local store's Tale of Gamers project. As some of you may know, I've been collecting 250 points of Dark Elves since November and have only got another 20 Warriors left to do before they are finished. I've enjoyed this project, doing a small amount each month has been manageable and forced me to be a bit more sensible about my spending. What I'm going to attempt next is going to be a bit different...

Ebay, everyone has horror stories and tales of epic bargains, I'm banking on the latter for my new project. I'll be honest, I don't know how successful it will be but here is the plan - collecting an entire Warriors of Chaos army (1,500 points) from auctions alone. This is going to be tough because ebay can be so hit and miss. However, so far I've got some real bargains!

Chaos Warriors Army book £16
Chaos Knights £8.65
Chaos Warriors £11.50

These are all new and sealed kits (the book wasn't but it was still immaculate) and if I'd bought them from GW it would have cost me an extra £33.85 - even after postage (£8 in total) I've still saved a hell of a lot. I imagine this will take about as long as the Dark Elves project so it should keep me busy over the coming months.

I still don't know much about Fantasy and how it works as a system so I'm aiming to create an army based on what looks cool and makes some 'logical' sense.

Chaos Lord (mounted on something...)
2x20 Warriors
1 Chariot
5 Knights
3 Skull Crushers

As I say, this is mostly guess work so any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. I've often found in Fantasy that "what looks cool and makes some 'logical' sense" is the best way to go, the rules are usually more structured towards that logic than in 40k, and you've got a pretty solid force there.

    My only thought is that you might want to expand later into having some of the cheaper lightly armoured units to protect your flanks: Marauders, Horsemen, Chaos Hounds and the like but as I say it's nice and solid as it is. You just have to be careful you first couple of movement phases so your two infantry units don't get completely left behind by your cavalry (as a Bretonnian player I know that pain).