Friday, 4 April 2014

WoC and HH3

This morning Forge World put up pre-orders of HH3 Extermination, I'm surprised they did this as the shipping date isn't until MAY 1ST!!! I presume this is a run time on printing the right amount but still, it's not like these things aren't going to least it gives me something to look forward to.

I seriously toyed with the idea of getting the special edition with the bonus codex compilations and art book but in the end I settled for the standard version and have put the £75 difference to one side for my next resin order. I will however be buying the next version of this collection - presumably when they launch Signus Prime in a few years (see my earlier posts from the HH Weekender 2013). The codex compilation is a great idea as it contains just the info and stops you having to lug three hefty books about to field your army.

On other fronts my Warriors of Chaos Army is coming along nicely. I've rejigged my list so it contains the following

Exhalted Hero
2x12 Warriors
19 Marauders
5 Warhounds
5 Knights
3 Skullchrushers of Khorne

So far I've managed to buy everything but the war hounds and skull crushers. I might have to concede defeat on the latter as you can get them for £26.75 from and I doubt I'll beat that on ebay - i've been snipped out of 3 deals so far this week...

I've settled on a winter theme for the army so that it can ally with my Dark Elves and have also painted up my first warrior - pics to follow. I'm now on my easter break and also the final phase of my Tale of Gamers Dark Elves army, 20 spearmen to paint this month...yay...

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