Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I was flicking through some blogs today and noticed someone had bought some epic scale Thunderhawks from a website in china called yoymart.com, I went over for a look and they have tons of GW/FW stuff at amazing prices, for example

Ferrus Manus - $18
Fellblade - $105
Darkstrider -$9
FW Loken -$9.60
FW Avatar - $33

All seemingly too good to be true, not being a sucker, I was skeptical so did some research on forums, surprisingly the general consensus seemed to be that the stuff was fairly good quality, bit of extra flash here and there but otherwise solid kits. I was wondering if anyone here has dealt with them and how it went?

Presumably they can get away with this blatant copyright infringement because no one in China gives a shit about copyright (just ask BMW), I think I'll order something cheap (Ferrus?) and see what happens, that way if I get pinged for import duty it'll only be a couple of pounds.

Could be the start of a very interesting phase in my hobby life...


  1. I also did a little research after seeing that same blog post this morning. Apparently, thebitskingdom.com is also sourced from the same place. They have a complete Chaos Warhound for $250, which is just insane.

    I feel the same way as you: this could be where I get into HH stuff, especially.

  2. Never used them myself but the general consensus I've picked up is that their resin compares well to Forge World but is just as prone to distortion on larger components.

  3. That was prob my blog and I will happily chat with you about any of the models I have picked up I also have the 40k post going up in a few hours for the models I got this round. The key thing I recommend remembering is if you don't pay for the quick shipping it takes a while.

  4. I've ordered from them once. No complaint on the quality, but it took 7 weeks to arrive. Don't expect your order to arrive in a timely manner, but you'll be happy with what finally arrives.