Monday, 5 May 2014

Keeping my Dark Angels

I recently had a bit of a deliberate reality check and took stock of my collection before eventually deciding on selling off a few of my smaller armies to raise some money for either some Wood Elves or Imperial Guard. As a result I've sold my Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines, neither of which I had a codex for or any particular urge to get one (though I did keep my Dreadknight and old edition metal terminators which I've had for over a decade now!). I initially put my Dark Angels up for sale too but about a day before the auction was due to close, and despite having 11 watchers (but no bids!) I had a change of heart and decided to keep my little green men.

As a result of this decision I am once again in possession of the following:

Terminator Captain
5 terminators
2 tactical squads
Land speeder
5 bikes
Ravenwing command squad

My question to you guys is - where do I go from here? Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated!

Enjoy the bank holiday and happy Sith day