Sunday, 22 June 2014

Getting my BFG fix

I really enjoyed Battlefleet Gothic when it was about. I've still got a copy of the rulebook at my parent's house and I'm really gutted that it's no longer supported by GW. Although there are rumours of a reamergance at some point I'm not holding my breath and am looking for an alternative to get my spaceship fix.

I've heard rave reviews about X-Wing, I had the original PC game and this looks like a lot of fun. The other option is Firestorm Armada by Spartangames, I saw these in my FLGS and they looked pretty cool. It's more of a fleet based game where as XW is more a squad based thing and I'm not sure which one I'm leaning towards at the moment. If you've had any thoughts on either of the systems please let me know, similarly if you have any alternative suggestions to these two.

Airbrush dramas

I think I've broken my airbrush...initially I was having some dramas getting a decent flow of paint out of the gun, it was coming out very thick and watery, I stripped it down and gave it a thorough clean but once I put it back together the hose connector wasn't sitting right and I either got shit loads of pressure or next to nothing. This is a pain as I'd spent the previous day building a load of Witch Elves for my AoP board (the local store assures me it is on this year) and I now have to paint them all manually...balls. I spent a lot of money on my airbrush (Badger 105 Patriot) and it's been very sporadic. When it works it's brilliant but half the time it's just a nuisance.

I've got in touch with the manufacturer and am hoping they'll help me out. I've heard good things about them so here's hoping!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Destiny: first look alpha impressions

I do t do this very often but I thought I'd share my thoughts on my experience with Destiny on PS4.

I was lucky enough to get a first look alpha code from bungie this weekend and so far I'm impressed. The gameplay is fluid and tactical, the animations are crisp and the music is very atmospheric. It's Halo Jim, but not as we know it.

The character customisation is a lot more involved and no longer just superficial which is encouraging news. 

My main gripe is that the HUD is very basic, it's like a cheap version of iOS 7. The game is also quite dark, even on high brightness settings. I'm going to be streaming some gameplay on Twitch over the weekend, keep an eye out on my twitter feed @calthburns for start times.

Destiny is looking good people.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Armies on Parade 2014

Last year I entered AoP for the first time and won gold at my local store with my Celestial Lions advancing into a canyon. The board was based on the short(ish) story Blood and Fire by ADB, it was a lot of fun to build and I enjoyed adding some little touches to try to get it to marry up with the book.

This year I'm planning on doing a Dark Elves board based on the city of Har Ganeth as described in the Black Library book Warpsword. Given my limited talent for miniature scale architecture I'm not sure I fancy tackling the inside of the city but there is a great description of the white marble walls stained with bloody hand prints and the vast entrance way with a leering dragon's head - at least I think that's right, I might need to check...  

My Dark Elf army is a good size and already painted to match the colours and livery of Har Ganeth, all that's missing are a troupe of Witches to really set it in place. Good thing I've ordered some then! The rough plan is to build the entrance and walls on a raised slope with a road leading in which is lined with piles of skulls. The infantry and cavalry regiments will be lined up outside the city on movement trays but the Witch elves will be streaming out of the city entrance behind a Cauldron of blood. Along the walls will be some archers and if the dragon head is in the book I'll carve one from foam and make it' sees glow with witch fire...and possibly smoke depending on how technical I'm feeling (there won't be any smoke...)

I'd love to convert the cauldron so it glowed red but until I get the model I won't know how feasible that is. If anyone out there has used LEDs on their models before, how did you go about it? 

Also, if you guys are doing AoP this year, what are your plans?

Monday, 9 June 2014

Horus Heresy Book 4 thoughts

Book 4: Filler

Last year I went to the Horus Heresy Weekender and had a great time, they teased loads of releases and shared their vision of the future of this side-project. At the time I remember thinking 'they'll get ahead of themselves if they're not careful' and I think that might have come true.