Sunday, 22 June 2014

Airbrush dramas

I think I've broken my airbrush...initially I was having some dramas getting a decent flow of paint out of the gun, it was coming out very thick and watery, I stripped it down and gave it a thorough clean but once I put it back together the hose connector wasn't sitting right and I either got shit loads of pressure or next to nothing. This is a pain as I'd spent the previous day building a load of Witch Elves for my AoP board (the local store assures me it is on this year) and I now have to paint them all manually...balls. I spent a lot of money on my airbrush (Badger 105 Patriot) and it's been very sporadic. When it works it's brilliant but half the time it's just a nuisance.

I've got in touch with the manufacturer and am hoping they'll help me out. I've heard good things about them so here's hoping!

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