Friday, 18 July 2014

The Money Pit

After my first week of playing X-wing at my local GC I went out and bought the Imperial Aces expansion. Soontir Fel had performed so well I thought I'd make a squadron of Elite interceptors. This was a great plan but unfortunately both my new ships were 1-shotted in turns 2&3 by Han Solo (what was particularly gauging was it was my Falcon the opponent was using!). It would appear that I've stumbled onto the big puzzle in X-wing - how to kill the Falcon.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

First games of X-wing

Last night I went to my local gaming club for the first time (nice bunch of people) and played my first ever competitive games of X-wing. Both games were a lot of fun, the first was a doubles match  where I had Vadar (Cluster missiles, determination, munitions failsafe) and Soontir Fel (PTL, Shield) while my partner had a monstrously kitted out Phantom that would allow it to do all sorts of shenanigans. We faced off agains an X-wing, Z95 (Blount), E-wing, B-Wing and an X-wing (Biggs). After all the boasting about the lethality of the Phantom, it got ion cannoned and torn to pieces by turn 4, Vadar and the Interceptor danced about a bit and got a few things down to 1 or 2 hull points but couldn't make a killing blow.