Friday, 18 July 2014

The Money Pit

After my first week of playing X-wing at my local GC I went out and bought the Imperial Aces expansion. Soontir Fel had performed so well I thought I'd make a squadron of Elite interceptors. This was a great plan but unfortunately both my new ships were 1-shotted in turns 2&3 by Han Solo (what was particularly gauging was it was my Falcon the opponent was using!). It would appear that I've stumbled onto the big puzzle in X-wing - how to kill the Falcon.

I'd thought some tooled up Interceptors would manage this but they failed miserably, the 360' firing arc completely negates the manoeuvrability of the Interceptors. I looked into a Defender and Phantom combo but I'm not too sure how well it would last, to get the 3 ships you'd want you're limited in upgrades so it's hard to utilise them properly. In the end I've bought a Firespray, maybe a big ship is the best way of dealing with another big ship.

My original budget of £40 a month is blown, I've already spent £82 and there's still 13 days left of July. That said my fleets are getting to be a decent size, so far they look like this:

Z95 Headhunter (x2)

Imperial Aces
TIE-Fighter (x2)

Considering I've been at this for a month I'm quite shocked at how much I've spent! However, in the time I've been buying X-wing stuff, I haven't spent a penny on GW. Looking Forward I'm keen to get an extra X-wing and some Y-wings plus the Rebel Aces (when it finally comes out) to give me 2 of each rebel ship. For the Imperials I think a Phantom would be a lot of fun. I'm not fussed about the bomber, from the meta it sounds like wasted points. I should probably get a 3rd TIE-Fighter. For the upgrade cards too...

In GW news I've finished a host of HH novels - A Thousand Sons (very interesting and emotional), Nemesis (good read but ended very abruptly) Prospero Burns (took a long time to get going) and I'm currently on Vulkan Lives (the first person narrative is, different). I've also made more progress on my WoC. I managed to procure 6 Skullcrushers on Ebay for a good price which means I'm just a set of warriors away from a 2k ebay list (total savings so far of about £100).

My 40k armies are gathering dust but my 6 week holiday is just around the corner (Tuesday lunch time!) so my intention is to do the following:

Sort out my Inquisitor and warband
paint up my Dark Angels
Finish my Wraithblades
Paint up my Tau Kill-Team

I'm also going to attempt to rebuild my Thunderhawk. However this weekend I will mostly be playing Destiny Beta.

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