Friday, 29 August 2014

Broadening Horizons

Recently I have started going to my local gaming club night, I've always been wary of such things in the past, largely through fear of bumping into some of my students - I try to keep the dice geek side of me away from my classroom for reasons of sanity but this one is sufficiently far away for this not to be a problem. 

The club rotates through games on a fairly regular basis and most of the guys have a range of miniature games at their disposal. I'm very much a GW guy when it comes to the gaming hobby but in the last few months I've got into X-wing (which is phenomenally good fun) Dystopian Wars (haven't had a game of that yet as the guys running that are still getting their heads around the new rules) and looking into Infinity.

I can't really say much about DW because, as I say I haven't played it yet but the models seem pretty nice and the context is cool, I love a bit of steampunk (having drafted a steampunk themed novel last year, I've done a fair bit of research into the genre). I went for the Covenant of Antarctica,  because a) they look awesome and b) no one else at the club plays them. This is something I can see myself getting into because it's reasonable priced and with the ships being bought in box sets it's easy to go Pokemon and collect 'em all. So far I've bought the battle and support flotillas, I've done some rough painting but these models are screaming out for airbrushing and Badger aren't being very helpful in trying to get mine fixed. I'm hoping to get a game in either next week or the week after, I'll let you know how it goes.

So what's next? Well, Infinity. Operation Icestorm comes out this week and it looks pretty promising, my FLGS has it at a really good price and lots of the guys at the club are going to be getting a copy. I don't know what to make of Infinity, having looked at the beginners rules on their website (which is brilliant in explaining the fluff, rules and even has an army builder - take note GW) it reminds me of a cross between Kill-Team and XCOM. I have a slight fear of dice different from a D6 (witchcraft!) but I think I can put this to one side in Infinity's case. My one downer on Infinity is I really don't like metal models. This probably stems from trying to build metal GW stuff as a kid but is also find them very difficult to personalise. The customisation element is not such a big deal in Infinity because you will almost never double up on a model but still...

This would leave me with 5 games to play, 40k WHFB, X-wing, Dystopian Wars and Infinity. I've considered a few others as well, especially Dropzone Commander but I've heard that this is a 40k style money pit and Malifaux which aesthetically just doesn't appeal. People at the club have talked a lot about Warmachine and Bolt Action but again I'm a bit indifferent on the models. I was quite taken with Firestorm Armada as BFG is ludicrously expensive in eBay but the club went with Dystopian Wars and since it's essentially the same system I'm happy to be a sheep on this one.

One thing that has stirred my interest is doing an RPG. Half the people at the club play pathfinder, they've had a campaign going for weeks and they get really into it! The noises we hear from across the room are hysterical! One of the guys on the gaming side of things is interested in running a Star Wars Edge of the Empire game which I'm quite keen on, I've created a Scoundrel Smuggler and that should be kicking off in a few weeks time, I'm quite looking forward to it.

If anyone has any further recommendations let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I too like the look and feel of the skirmish type environment. Also the minis are wicked so, that helps.