Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Marius Gage takes to the field

It's the summer break now which is a great time to get out and enjoy the sunshine, especially as a live 10 minutes from the beach... it is also the best time of year to get some hobby done as I am home alone for most of it.

So in the last two weeks I've managed to paint up a lot of my Dark Angels, Angron and started sorting through my Warriors of Chaos. I've also finished off a couple of HH books (of note: Vulkan Lives - bit confusing but not bad) and am now re-reading Know No Fear to get my back into my 30k Ultramarines - I also have Unremembered Empire sat on my bedside table to keep the enthusiasm going.

Looking through my army lists I've realised that there isn't a lot of focus there. It's very much an "ooh shiny!" army and I want to try and reign that in a bit and turn it into a functioning force. As such I've settled on a 'Pride of the Legion' list with lots of veterans and terminators everywhere. At the moment it looks like this...

HQ Choices:
Praetor Marius Gage, Chapter Master, First Chapter
Master-crafted thunderhammer, volkite serpenta, digital weapons and an Iron Halo
Pride of the Legion

Legion Command Squad
3 Chosen Space Marines and 1 Standard Bearer. All have Power Weapons

Master of Signals

Legion Champion
Charnable sabre, combat shield

Elite Choices:
Contemptor Telemechrus
Assault Cannon and Dreadnaught close combat weapon with Heavy flamer

Apothecarion Detachment
1 Apothecary

Troop Choices:
Legion Assault Squad
10 Legion Assault Marines. Sergeant has power weapon and Melta bombs

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad
10 Legion Veteran Space Marines. Sergeant has power weapon. Drop pod

Legion Terminator Squad
5 Legion Terminators in Tartarus armour, 4 with power fists and combi-bolter. Sergeant has power sword and combi-bolter.

Legion Terminator Squad
10 Legion Terminators in Cataphractii armour, 7 with Power fists, 2 with chainfists,1 with a Heavy Flamer, 1 with a Reaper Autocannon. Sergeant has power sword.

Legion Support Squad
5 Legion Space Marines with Rotor cannons

Legion Reconnaissance Squad
5 Legion Reconnaissance Space Marines with sniper rifles. All have Cameleoline

Fast Attack
Legion Seeker Squad
5 Legion Space Marines.

Heavy Support
Sicaran Battle Tank
Lascannon sponsons

Spartan Assault Tank
Twin-linked heavy flamers, Auxiliary drive and frag assault launchers

Predator Executioner
Plasma destroyer and sponson heavy bolters

Lords of War
Thunderhawk Gunship
Turbo-laser destructor, Chaff Launchers, Armoured cockpit and Flare shield

All for just under 4,000 points. This list only needs me to buy a few things (Cataphractii and a Spartan) so it's almost there.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this list and also what you guys have got in your arsenal, I've seen some very cool things on Twitter - props go to the best list!

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