Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The new daddys of Kill Team

I have managed to get my local gaming club into a bit of Kill-Team which is great news for me as it's my favourite way to play 40K. Last week I ran a Tau infantry list (7 warriors, 4 Pathfinders - 1 ion rifle- and a specked up XV8) and won convincingly, this week I'm taking my battleship list and am hoping for similar success. However, I don't believe Tau are the way forward in Kill Team, that award goes to....Tempestus Scions! Here's why...

Hit on 3+, against most things you are wounding on 4/5+ but ALL of those wounds will go through because their Hot-shot lasguns are AP3. With a save of 4+ they have a good chance of surviving return fire too.

Scions also have access to the Taurox Prime which is a Gucci piece of kit. It's robust, dependable and can be tooled up with all manner of bits. I think the Autocannon is a good bet over the Hot Shot volley guns to give you some anti-armour and the Gatling cannon is hell-a-fun if you give the Prime the Split fire USR ("Yes, 1 shot each at those 10 guys." odds are you'll kill at least a few things per turn!)

This leaves you enough points to buy 8 Scions (9 if you leave the Battle cannon on the Prime) which is enough to put up a good fight. With regards to other upgrades, I think giving a power weapon to the Sergeant is a waste of points, especially in Kill Team where every point counts. One extra guy is more likely to make a kill than the power weapon is. Similarly there's no point giving him a bolt pistol the only one I would consider taking is a melta-gun over the Gatling cannon but I'll get a few games in before I make that call.

I think this is a viable list and with a space seat in the Taurox it's also a bit Kill-Team fluffy (Yo, grab that guy!), I'll let you know how it pans out.


  1. you can not give vehicles usr's unless your rules are different to mine because in my kill team rule book it states you must have 4 non vehicle kill team members 1 must be the leader 3 must be specialists so too me this means no vehicles can have usr's only guys

  2. you can not give vehicles special rules man just not gonna happen

    1. We had a house rule on that, I see in the newest version that it expressly said you can't give vehicles USR boosts but I'm not sure about earlier versions.