Saturday, 13 September 2014

Dystopian Wars pt.2

My journey into Dystopian Wars continued this week, I bought the Covenant of Antarctica Battle Group and spent the last few days of my holiday painting them up. I'm really pleased with my paint scheme and though I could spend longer refining them etc, the standard at the club (which ranges from fair to good) means that they fit in with the rest of what is on show. 
Here is my total fleet:

And my painted fleet:

And a better look at the colour scheme...

At my local club this week where we had a paired match of 1,500 points. I had a combat heavy CofA list with my opponent from last week had a Republique of France artillery list. Together we faced off against a Blazing Sun flyer list and a Prussian battle group. We made a mistake from the off with me deploying against the flyers. We only realised in turn 3 that my main weapons (particle accelerators) can't hit flyers so I was reduced to trying to roll 5+ on my broadsides. My team mate's artillery did a lot of damage but didn't kill much, however, our opponents didn't fair much better with their own ships failing to knockout much in return. 

While the ships traded blows, the tiny flyer squadrons blasted around doing all sorts of carnage. My drones were monstrous at taking down enemy fighters and bombers but also swarming enemy aircraft. The fact that they are readily replaced by my assault carrier was all the sweeter, I hunted my opponents down with impunity knowing that they has to return to their carriers at some point where as I could just make more next turn!

The highlight for me was when the Hippasus created a wormhole from my back line to the heart of the Blazing Sun line and my Assault Carrier and Escorts bundled through. Suddenly I was able to unleash massive broadsides all over the place and though I took a bit of damage in return, my carrier was still in great shape at the end of turn 4 when we had to call time on the game. Had we continued for a bit longer I'm sure I would have started wracking up the kills!

I learnt a few lessons last week, largely about the massive limitation of my ships (no firing the cool weapon at flyers) but also about the key arrangement of ships. My frigates started too far out to be much use and my cruisers need to be supported in order to kick out the damage. I also need to invest in some flyers, the Aerial battle group looks impressive but it's £45 and having bought the naval group already this month I'm going to have to wait until October before I throw some more money at the game.

Below are some pictures of the battle...

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