Sunday, 30 November 2014

End Times: Khaine Review

I was/am one of the lucky few who were able to get a copy of the ET:K hardback. Last Friday I was constantly clicking refresh on the GW site from around 1900 until they came up at 1934(it) and managed to get in quickly. I hear they sold out in under 5 minutes…

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New Blood Angels

This pic was doing the rounds on my Twitter feed earlier today, looks like the rumoured Blood Angels releases are confirmed!

From the cover I guess we can also confirm that it will be a tyrannid vs blood Angels box which is great as I've got the new Space Hulk too!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play

As of Monday (3rd November) I'm taking part in a WFRP campaign at my local geek club. This is the first time I've played this system and only the second time I've played a paper RPG (I had a go at Pathfinder Society a couple of weeks ago with a Half-Elf ranger.) so this is very much new territory for me. The chairman of the club no less is running the Leichmaster campaign for myself and 4 others, I'm quite looking forward to it though I swore I'd never get into this sort of thing (I'm re-drawing the line at fancy dress!). I managed to pick up a copy of the rule book for a measly £7 on eBay, it's well used but that's fine.

Everything was generated from scratch, the only choice I had was race. This process was itself quite interesting/exciting/nerve wracking. A couple of bad rolls and my character could have been an absolute dud. As it was I've got an Elven Mercenary called Torhile (or 'Torchlight' as Autocorrect kept trying to put in - this is going to be my Common name) and she's got a fairly good stat line for a level 1 character (see below). I'm teaming up with a Dwarven Engineer (grudges ahoy!) Human smuggler, Human student (wizard) and Halfling pickpocket so it should be an interesting mix. We will be doing it every other week and I'll keep you posted as to how we go.

X-Wing battle reports

This post is a summary of last night's X-wing practice missions. I had 2 games against arguably the club's best player and whilst one list got decimated, the other managed to claim victory.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

X-Wing Tournament List

My local gaming club is having a 6 game X-wing tournament over the next 2 weeks. Each game will last 45 minutes and it's a who-kills-the-most-points-wins format.

I've spent a long time procrastinating over lists and have come up with 3 that I would like your thoughts on....