Friday, 21 November 2014

X-Wing battle reports

This post is a summary of last night's X-wing practice missions. I had 2 games against arguably the club's best player and whilst one list got decimated, the other managed to claim victory.

Game 1
Prototype pilot, proton rockets, munitions failsafe
Prototype pilot, proton rockets, munitions failsafe
Gemmar Sojen, chadrron refit, A-wing test pilot, veteran instincts
Bandit squadron pilot, proton rockets
Lt. Blount, deadeye, cluster missiles

Keyen Farlander, fire control system, outmanoeuvre 
Wedge Antillies
Airen Cracken, swarm tactics
Bandit squadron pilot

Basically what happened was, none of my A-wings got to fire their rockets because in order to get into position they had to face at least 2 turns of disgusting firepower from Farlander and Wedge. Even with 3 evades, Farlander's 4 shot target lock and focus re-rolls meant I didn't stand a chance! In the end I didn't kill anything and it was over in 20 minutes. Against another swarm list I'm sure this list would work but as all of his units shot first it was never going to work. 

Game 2
Han Solo, Nien Numb, Millenium Falcon, Push the limit
Gold Squadron pilot, ion turret, R5
Blue Squadron pilot, Fire control systems

Same as Game 1

This game was a lot more even. My B-wing did very little and died quite quickly and although the Y-wing didn't last much longer, it did take Wedge out of the game for 3 turns with it's ion cannon and eventually killed him. Han killed Cracken before one-shotting the Bandit at range 1 (3 crits!) this left the Falcon against a weakened Farlander. Thanks to push the limit and some careful flying I almost always had both a focus and evade token which negated Farlander's Outmanoeuvre EPS and kept his shots down to 3 a turn. Han won out with 7 or 8 hull points left though we did roll for Farlander's last shooting out of curiosity and he scored 5 hits with 3 crits so it was very close!

What I have learned from this game is that B-wings are not as robust as I had previously thought. Unless you tool them up, they're actually quite susceptible to enemy fire, (the same is true for Y-wings though with a 4 point reduction) as such I think they're probably more useful as support ships. With this in mind I'm going to drop the Blue Squadron pilot and replace him with another Y-wing with the same loadout. This way they can go around zapping high ability ships with their ion cannons and leave them for Han to blast away at.

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