Saturday, 15 November 2014

X-Wing Tournament List

My local gaming club is having a 6 game X-wing tournament over the next 2 weeks. Each game will last 45 minutes and it's a who-kills-the-most-points-wins format.

I've spent a long time procrastinating over lists and have come up with 3 that I would like your thoughts on....

Rebel Missile Swarm:
A-wing Prototype pilot - Proton rockets, munitions failsafe
A-wing Prototype pilot - Proton rockets, munitions failsafe
A-wing Prototype pilot - Proton rockets, munitions failsafe
Z95 - Lt.Blount - Cluster missiles, Deadeye
Z95 - Bandit Squadron pilot - Proton rockets

As time is a factor, this is a real do-or-die list, proton rockets on an A-wing means they are rolling 5 attack die with MF more or less guaranteeing a hit. Cluster missiles on Blount with Deadeye is filth because he gets auto 6 hits (3 per attack) and doesn't need a target lock thanks to the EPT. Once fired the 3 A-wings can zoom about making life very hard for the enemy - if I can stick at range 3 i've got 4 evade die. I don't think I'd last in a longer game but in 45 minutes this just might work.

Rebel Tanks:
YT-1300 Han Solo - Predator, Niem numb, saboteur, Millenium Falcon
Y-wing Gold Squadron pilot - Ion cannon, R5
B-Wing Blue Squadron pilot - Fire control system

The antithesis of my other list, this one will just wade through everything, hopefully chewing through one ship a turn whilst sponging the return fire, I won't be evading much but with a combined 29 hit points it'll take some doing to kill me in 45 minutes! (Unless they take A-wings with proton rockets...)

Imperial Vadar Escort:
Darth Vader - Expose, proton rockets
Carnor Jax - Determination
Avenger Squadron pilot
Mauler Mithel

Using Expose on Vadar is a neat trick because you can use Evade as your second action which mitigates the -1 evade penalty that Expose gives you, the proton rockets trick is the same with the A-wings, only better (Target lock + focus, fire x5 = boom!) Carnor Jax stops enemies at range 1 generating and using focus/evade tokens so if I can get him near a prime target he can really set Vadar up for his missile run. Mauler Mithel is just fun to fly and the Avenger Squadron pilot is a nimble filler ship.

I'm going to trial each of these lists next week before the tournament starts in December, if you've got any thoughts on it please let me know in the comments section.

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