Saturday, 13 December 2014

End Times Khaine progress

I've had a chance to read through some of the ET:K stuff I bought the other week and thought I'd share my thoughts. The novel by Gav Thorpe was good if not excellent - there was a very sudden conclusion after a protracted build up and it leaves lots of questions left unanswered, chief among them is how are all these Elves going to get along in the forest? I can't see that ending well...I put my copy up on eBay after I'd read it (as I do with most of my BL books) hoping to get my money back, it's currently going for twice what I paid for it, at this rate it'll get me a free Tyrion!

I've now started on the actual ET:K book (which I won't be selling on eBay!) and whilst I've read through the rules section in its entirety, I've not made much progress on the fluff. That said, what I've read so far reads like a piece by Anthony Beevor - I love military history and think this approach is great. I've found in the army books you don't get much detail on the historic battles but in this you really do and it helps to put some detail on the narrative. I also love the fact that each force is fully explained, stating which regiments were involved and what colours they wore. This is good as I've been on an eBay binge for some High Elves and need to start being a bit more organised - at the moment I'm thinking of doing a Caledor theme...

Anyway, here is a roster of my Elves for use in an End Times list

End Times: Elves

Alith Anar
Arch Mage
Dread lord on Cold One
Glade Lord
Hellebron, Cauldron of blood 
Loremaster of Hoeth 
Prince, sword and shield
Supreme Sorceress

Dragon Mage of Caledor
Black Ark Fleet Master
Handmaiden of the Everqueen,
Kouran Blackhand
Noble, sword and shield
Tullaris Dreadbringer

Black Ark Corsairs, 10 Corsairs, full command
Dreadspears, 29 Dreadspears, full command
Darkshards, 30 Darkshards
Dark Riders, 5 Dark Riders, shields, spears, full command
Dryads, 12 Dryads
Glade Guard, 20 Glade Guard, full command
Glade Riders, 8 riders. full command
Lothern Sea Guard, 35 Sea Guard, shields, full command
Witch Elves, 20 Witch Elves, full command

Black Guard of Naggarond, 20 Black Guard, full command
Cold One Knights, 10 Cold One Knights, musician, standard bearer
Dragon Princes of Caledor, 5 Dragon Princes, full command
Har Ganeth Executioners, 20 Executioners, full command
Reaper Bolt Throwers, 1 bolt thrower
Swordmasters of Hoeth, 21 Swordmasters, full command

Sisters of Avelorn, 10 Sisters
Bolt Thrower

It's fairly sizeable though the majority isn't painted yet. Lots of the Dark Elves are from last year's 6 month in-store project but the rest are either in bits or unpainted.

I plan on adding bits and pieces over the coming weeks, specifically some Phoenix Guard and a Frostheart Phoenix and maybe Durthu. With a 3 week Christmas break I'm also hoping to make some real inroads into the painting. With the Dark Elves I found that if I just got on with it rather than procrastinating I could get a lot done in a short space of time, also doing a character/regiment/character/regiment approach is also helpful. 

In other news, my WFRP character is still alive and has been promoted to a Mercenary Sergeant, we're just exploring the caves North of the Frugelhorn valley and are looking for the barrows of the Blue Blooded Bandits...I also bought her a dog.

Hopefully I'll get another post up before Christmas but if not, merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

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