Tuesday, 24 March 2015

If it ever hits the fan - what do you wear?

Granted this has nothing to do with hobbying but last week at my local geek club we ended up getting onto the subject of what we would do if it all went south, the zombies were at the door etc etc.I was briefly in the military, I know how to read a map, how to do basic first aid, make a fire and defend myself at distance and close range (Krav-maga is awesome, I suggest you give it a try!). On that front I’m feeling fairly confident - I’m also reasonably paranoid so will hopefully not be tricked by fellow survivors…

There are 3 things to consider in this apocalypse scenario - what to wear, what to carry and what to bring with you.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


I bought this beast at Warhammer Fest back in...whenever it was, September? I made an enthusiastic start to building it over the holidays but then became incredibly frustrated by a) the way the treads just don't fit (I've checked, I'm not the only one) and b) my airbrush breaking. However, I found a can of Macragge blue at my local FLGS and last weekend I got on with it.