Sunday, 22 March 2015


I bought this beast at Warhammer Fest back in...whenever it was, September? I made an enthusiastic start to building it over the holidays but then became incredibly frustrated by a) the way the treads just don't fit (I've checked, I'm not the only one) and b) my airbrush breaking. However, I found a can of Macragge blue at my local FLGS and last weekend I got on with it.
I hate brush painting tanks so spraying was the only way forward for me. I was skeptical at first because the colours seemed very bright compared to my infantry, however after about 3 layers it took a deeper tone and I was happy to continue - I've ended up spraying my Sicaran and Rhino plus my flyer (more on that later). The Spartan is a weighty beast and was surprisingly quick to paint up. I used a sponge for the weathering and mixed typhus corrosion in with some rhino hide as my mud. I'm pleased with the results, it's not the best but it'll serve it's purpose. It did however become my most popular twitter picture which was surprising - you're a strange lot internet.

Spartan WIP

In other news, I was fortunate enough to get a copy of ETV:Archaon. Just like Khaine, it sold out in minutes though unlike Khaine people aren't going crazy on eBay. it seems the soft back copies have taken the edge off the reselling market. Good. I've not got very far into the fluff bit but the rules section is cool with formations for each of the races in the WFB universe, the campaign is also looking solid though I doubt anyone will ever get through it because of the sheer number and variety of units needed. Maybe at an event...In any case if you're on the fence about End Times I highly recommend you get involved!

it also came with a red 'TREMBLE BEFORE KHORNE" wristband!

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