Sunday, 26 April 2015

Eldar are finally finished, just before the new beginning

In addition to a mass Ultramarines painting binge (more to follow), over the holidays I managed to  finish the last of my Eldar, painting up my Avatar, Wraithblades, Crimson Hunter, Guardians and Eldrad. With that I'm out of Eldar, hooray! This is the first time that I've completed an army (meaning they are all painted) and it's a strange feeling...

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Primarch Angron

Christmas 2013 I was given the Primarch Angron by my wife (thank the Emperor for FW wish lists!), I have just finished him. It was fun to do, the battered, tarnished armour is a far cry from the sort of plush gold I am used to painting and it was an exciting challenge and one that I am quite proud of. That said, I am not all that pleased with the face but then I know that's an area I need to work on.

If it weren't for the Blood for the Blood God! Technical paint, this would not look as good as it does, I have always struggled getting a realistic blood effect from paints and inks.

I know have to get on with Fulgrim. I bought him in April 2013...I've done his base components and his head but I am having a hard time tackling the filigree, chiefly because I can't decide on the type of gold I want to use, I prefer the warm burnished style but I wonder if the more garishly 'blinggy' gold might not be more suited to this ostentatious character. 

Any thoughts or comments are welcome.