Sunday, 26 April 2015

Eldar are finally finished, just before the new beginning

In addition to a mass Ultramarines painting binge (more to follow), over the holidays I managed to  finish the last of my Eldar, painting up my Avatar, Wraithblades, Crimson Hunter, Guardians and Eldrad. With that I'm out of Eldar, hooray! This is the first time that I've completed an army (meaning they are all painted) and it's a strange feeling...

Only, I'm not finished am I. Firstly an army is never finished because there is always more to add - case in point, someone on my Twitter feed has 3 legion Fellglaives...that's at least one more than necessary. Secondly, there's a new codex out and it's very, very interesting.

I picked it up yesterday and my first impressions are good, the book is hefty and is of a great quality, each unit has its own close up which is nice. I've only bought digital codecs before so this might be par for the course, I don't know. The upgrades to knights and Wraithguard are cool as are the new load out opinions for windriders. I can see why it is being called OP with the plethora of D weapons and the starcannons on the jetbikes but, this needs a bit of context. 

1) The wraithknight makes perfect sense having D-weapons, it's a bit cheep for a LoW but it's also quite fragile if you attack it in the right way, play smarter and you'll be fine. 

2)The detachment buffs for windriders emphasis the use of shurikan, taking the scatter lasers is a tax of sorts, in a detachment list I'd argue that leaving them as they are is a viable option. 

3) Spiritseers no longer make Wraithguard troops which means in most games you won't have that many options to field them and they are in competition with some other very good choices (Dragons and Scorpions for instance). Remember that unbound lists are tricky to get objectives with.

I mentioned detachments earlier and I have an issue with the core Eldar ones. I think they're annoying, annoying because I don't have the models to make the core detachments work...

The fallout is I need to do some shopping:

For the core detachment I'd like:
New Jetseer
New jetbikes x3
This will let me do the windriders detachment and also get to make up the new models. It will be interesting to see how different the farseer is to a normal jetbike. I thought about doing the Guardian defender one but honestly I find war walkers and the other units to be wholly uninspiring and a bit of a steep tax. That said, I do have 2 squads of defenders and a farseer already so I could still go that way without too much trouble in the future.

For the Auxiliary detachments I'd like:
Swooping Hawks
Fire Dragons
Hemlock Wraithfighter
Wave Serpent

Buying from this comes out at about £300 and closer to £400 if bought off GW. Because of this I am gong I to have to buy it in stages with the core detachment first followed by the aspect warriors with the tank and flyer and finally the wraiths. I'd hope to get this all done by the summer but a more realistic timeframe would be Christmas.

Whilst I am excited for the new release, especially with the revamped knight rules I am also a bit dispirited, the codex is only 2 years old and since I bought the digital one I have no resale on it (not that there is much to begin with) - it just doesn't seem like a tired codex to me, from what I have read this could easily have been a supplement with an alternative stat line for the knight. I'm also a bit gutted because I was planning on getting stuck into some Skitarii, I bought the codex the other day and it looks quite entertaining.

The final exciting thing is that FW has announced that HH5: Tempest is coming out soon! I'm hopeful preorders will go up this week though if that is the case my Eldar budget is screwed...

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  1. Army looks great! Congrats on finishing it in time for a new codex, thus making it unfinished :)