Sunday, 28 June 2015

Perils of work

I've spent the last month and a half marking GCSE exam papers for a well known exam board, it's been a slog but I've managed to get enough done to patch up my savings account and have a little extra left over for hobby stuff.

Before I entered this state of reclusiveness I had a model binge and got quite a few things done, photos are attached below...

 My second riptide, this didn't take too long (as you can probably tell...)

This is the third tactical squad for my Celestial Lions, with the rest of my army I now have enough for a Demi-company and a couple of other formations!

Archaon and Tyrion, these DID take a while to do, I had lots of fun painting both of them and I'm really chuffed with how they've turned out! 

 Backing up Archaon is this unit of Chaos Warriors, I have some knights and skull crushers waiting to be basecoated.

 Celestial Lions Drop pod.

Celestial Lion Stormtalon - just need to wait the canopy...

I was in Birmingham recently for a work conference and was able to pop over to Warhammer World, the new places looks brilliant though I didn't have chance to see the new display room (as an aside, I thought the £7.50 entry price was a bit steep...but I'll reserve judgement until I've been round). I did pick up HH5 which is fantastic and after some advice from one of the sales team I bought an Assault Ram over a Storm Eagle. 

I also have a number of things on the go to look forward to finishing at the moment, including...

Celestial Lions Land Raider Crusader

and the last few units for my Spirithost formation.

The final thing to say is that I'm working on a Flamspyre Pheonix for my High Elves but at the moment I don't have a picture to put up, expect one in the next few days. I also have some thoughts on what's happening with Age of Sigmar...they can wait too.


  1. Wow that is quite some progress. That riptide looks boss!

    1. Cheers! Airbrushing makes it super quick!