Saturday, 25 July 2015

Heresy and Elves

I’ve been on a bit of a hobby binge recently with some spuriously justified credit card purchases leading to a large stack of stuff for me to wade through on my Summer Holidays. I’ve got two main focuses this year and I’m going to do my best to get through at least a good chunk of one of them...

The first bundle was 5 guys from the HH Character Series: 
Konrad Kurze
Alexis Pollux

I’m going to limit myself to one at a time starting with Guilliman, when he’s done I’ll pick the next box at random and go from there - presently they stare down at me from the top shelf...

The other project is a small army of Wood Elves. In a pre AofS panic I bought a bundle of stuff from a FLGS to round off my Elven armies. In total I bought:
3 boxes of Eternal Guard/Rangers
2 boxes of Sisters of the Thorn
1 Treeman Ancient
Banner Bearer

I also rounded off my High Elves army with a Flamespyre Phoenix, some Shadow Warriors and 2 boxes of Phoenix Guard. I’m now ‘done’ with Fantasy in that I have what I want/need for my armies and so am content. 

Hopefully this will slate my hobby thirst between now and Christmas...probably not but that's the hope!

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