Thursday, 13 August 2015

Legion Seeker Squad

I finally got round to finishing these guys off after they've sat in my 'Ultramarines' box for nearly a year...The role of the Seeker squad, in the fluff at any rate, is that of headhunter, they are designed to go after the enemy HQ and put them down as quickly and as brutally as they can. 

With that in mind, I modified my standard Ultramarines paint scheme to fit their 'black ops' style role. I know it's bad form to publicly admit that you like playing Call of Duty but I do and I really enjoyed playing the COD Ghosts campaign. Because of this, I tried to replicate the Ghost's signature painted balaclava look. I think it kind of works but I am worried it's a bit too Night Lordsy Anyway, they're done and on the table. There are 5 more to follow but I am currently busy fixing the Spear of Calth, more on that to follow.

The freehand scope symbols were a last minute addition.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good! That's pretty cool about the seeker squad. I generally just oooh and aaaah over the 30k stuff and rarely look into the point or rules of hte models :)