Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Roboute Guilliman

Last week I was able to finish Guilliman after about 10 hours of grief. It took a long time to get into this model which is a shame because I usually really enjoy painting Primarchs. I think the pressure of 'this one is going to be used on the table' was on my mind as I started and it was a real mental barrier! I started off by spraying him Macragge Blue and took it very slowly from there...

Every time I paint one of these characters I learn something new, this time it was that Valejo Air paints are great when used as regular paint. The consistency is much thinner so it layers up much more easily and it is much easier to manipulate, this is especially true of the metallics. I find GW metallics, especially the gold pallet ones are very thick and gunk up my brush very quickly.

I ended up leaving the cape off the model as I felt it detracted from the overall feel of the piece, that and I couldn't fit it underneath the backpack...

The hardest part of this model was getting the marble effect right on the base. I'm still not 100% happy with it but bar redoing the whole thing again I'm not sure what I can do to improve it.

This was my principle pallet, I chose a blue/white marble because I felt the grey in the pictures was a bit dull and that this would accentuate the blue on Roboute's armour. 

I found a good video by The Painting Buddha on how to paint marble on the Horus model and used this as a guide. The trick was to mix lots of satin varnish in with the colours. As you can see below it went through various stages and methods before I managed to settle on something vaguely coherent.

The process I used was...
Grey primer undercoat
5:5:1 mix of Grey/white/ice blue layer (airbrushed)

For the Marbling:
  1. Paint a crooked, medium thickness line of Fenrisian Grey. 
  2. Before it dried, I smudged over it with the varnish to create a pale streak on the marble. 
  3. Paint a very fine and intermittent line through the centre of the streak in Thunderhawk Blue (or Dark Reaper)
  4. 3:1 mix of Satin Varnish to Fenrisian Grey over the darker streak to soften it
  5. 5:1 mix of varnish to white as a wash between the streaks to increase the contrast of the marble.

I did a 2 level edge highlight of Fenrisian Grey and then White on all the main edges. I tried out a Guilliman Glaze wash on the recesses but I didn't like it. 

The thing to remember is that the marble lines should travel in the same direction within a block but that each block of marble should be different - the building is not carved from one solid piece so the lines won't marry up. Remember to continue the lines over the edges too!

 As I said before, It's not great and these are prototype pictures that needed lots more work but I think it's an acceptable effort, certainly from a distance!

As I put him in the cabinet I thought I heard the rest of them shout "BOOOOOSSSS!"

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