Monday, 26 October 2015

Journeying into Epic 40k - for the Greater Good

Recently my local gaming club has been getting into Epic Armageddon and after borrowing some stuff to participate I decided that it was quite good fun and that I was going to get involved. For those who don't know, Epic is basically a 6mm version of 40k Apocalypse. It's played via activations (I move/shoot a unit, then you go.) and a standard 3,000 points takes anywhere between 3 and 5 hours. For those who've played Dystopian Wars it's very much like that.

My local club currently has Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar, Imperial Guard and Tyrannid armies and since I wanted to be different I was only left with a couple of options. Since I've never been a fan of Dark Eldar or Orks, they were out and Mechanicum lists looked a bit sparse, I was left with Tau. I'm fine with this, I have a 40k Tau army so taking them over to Epic seemed like a good idea - the only downside being that they are both hard to find and ruinously expensive...

After some eBay trawling and some connections via Twitter I was able to get my hands on a reasonable amount of stuff. To date I have the following...

9 Devilfish
3 Skyrays
9 XV88 broadsides
12 XV8 crisis teams
14 stands of Fire Warriors
14 stands of Path Finders
5 Tetras
3 Piranhas  

I have also ordered some Kuji Megarigs from Onslaught Miniatures to proxy for some Riptides and used some Dropzone Commander PHR flyers to proxy my Aircaste fleet - the actual flyers are very rare and hugely expensive! I've also got some more Broadsides and some Hammerheads en-route but there's a bit of a delay on those. In total I've got about 4,000 points worth of stuff and played half a dozen games including a tournament the weekend before last.

Here is the list I used for the tournament:
Tau Vio'rla List v1:

Core units:
Crisis suit cadre - 325 points
6 Crisis teams with a Shas'el and Cadre Fireblade

Crisis suit cadre - 300 points
6 Crisis teams with a Shas'el

Fire warrior cadre - 275 points
6 Fire Warrior units in 3 Devilfish. Bonded, Cadre Fireblade

Support units:
XV88 team - 300 points
6 Broadsides

Armour group - 325 points
5 railhead gunships, 1 fusion head gunship

Pathfinder group - 200 points
6 Pathfinder units

Riptide unit - 425 points
3 Riptides, Shas'O

Recon group - 225 points
5 Tetras, 3 Piranhas

Skysweep group - 250 points
3 Skyrays

Air Caste Units:
Tiger Shark AX-10 - 175 points
2 Sunshark bombers - 200 points
3,000 points

The tournament was good fun with some hilarious moments, chief amongst them being when my team of 6 Crisis suits and some Broadsides destroyed a Blood Angels Death Company in close combat. The following turn, his Terminators teleported in and were immediately shot up by my Hammerheads. I still lost by 1 point but it was fine margins. The second game was against a swarm of Orks. I got a bit fixated shooting his Garagants and forgot my Commander's Coordinated Fire rule which meant I got a lot of suppression waiting for my turn to shoot. In the end I lost by 1 point again but again it was fine margins. 

In both games the XV8s proved to be brutally effective and I will be looking to get some more as soon as I can. They have AP/AT and Macro weapons, bonus 10cm move and 3+/6+ save for a reasonable points cost. I think they're a bit overpowered and should be either a 3+ or a 4+/6+ but I'm not complaining because I'm not on the receiving end of them!

Last week at the club we tried a variant called mini-geddon which is 1,000 points with some unit limitations. As with 40k, I much preferred this small scale version, we got through 2 full games of about 90 minutes each and had great fun doing so. It's refreshing to be able to play a full game of a club evening, usually we have to call it a draw after turn 2 because we've run out of time!

Whilst I won't be getting carried away with Epic, one army is enough thank you, I will keep playing it as its a refreshing change of pace. I recommend that you do so too, just not Tau, I don't need any more eBay competition!

Below are some snaps from various games.

Work begins on the Tau


Crisis team with Shas'O

My Tau Vior'la army, the Devilfish are filling in for the Hammerheads whilst the Knights are acting as Riptides.

Deployment for game 1

Early movement over the hill

Battle suits holding the right flank...

Get charged by the Thunderhawk deployed Death Company!

After some mind boggling dice rolls on both sides the combat looks like this!

Eventually the DC are defeated with the loss of ONE crisis suit and a base of pathfinders!

Meanwhile on the left flank the Terminators arrive :(

but get shot to pieces and run away! XD

The recon group are annihilated by the Assault Marines

Who in turn are left vulnerable...The Riptides finish them off

The Sunshark bombers pound the tactical squad

Second game vs Orks, a heavily concentrated right flank with the Tau armour taking the high ground

Despite some good rolling, none of the war machines go down

Tau gunline at work...

The war buggies charge into the cliff, opening fire on the battle suits

The broadsides give the war buggy mob a pounding

The XV8s swoop in and unload, breaking the unit before popping back into cover

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