Saturday, 7 November 2015

Frostgrave: First Impressions

Last night at my local club we tried a game of Frostgrave and the verdict was pretty good. It's a skirmish game using a d20 + or - mechanic that is relatively straightforward. We were a tad ambitious and tried a 6 player game, this meant that it took quite a while to get round the table but it was fun watching a range of different warbands and Magic being thrown around. 

The game is based on a Wizard and their Apprentice, your Wizard has a primary school of magic (I went for elemental) and various other connected schools for a total of 8 spells. Each spell has a d20 casting value and if you fail it there's a chance you will take some damage. Your Apprentice has the same spells but they're harder to cast (+2). My Wizard turned out to be shite at casting spells (1 buff all game!) but my Apprentice had a slightly better time of it. Your warband is an eclectic mix of hired goons who all have varying strengths and weaknesses and cost X amount of gold. The best thing is you can only have 8 goons so you can't just mob the board with low cost Thugs and Thieves.

The point of the game is to kill enemy wizards and steal treasure. Treasure is scattered around the map and must be carried off the board - however, once a model has carried the treasure off, they don't come back! This adds a really interesting dimension to the game and makes it rather special.

The rule book is about £12 online, it's nicely put together and the mechanics are pretty sound. We reckoned there might be some balancing issues in a long term campaign but for a couple of games in an evening it would be fine.

Definitely worth your time.