Tuesday, 8 December 2015

More Primarchs!

Prior to the arrival of Betrayal at Calth (for which I've bought 2!) I'd been trying to clear some of my Heresy backlog. Chief amongst them has been that thorn in my side Horus as well as the upstart Alexis Polux and Vulkan.

Starting with the Warmaster...

Although it is a beautiful model, I didn't particularly enjoy it until right near the end. The detailing is lovely but I really struggled to make the black panels look interesting. I've mentioned before that although I really do admire the skill it takes to paint NMM, it doesn't really appeal to me aesthetically. That said, I had to try something to live up the vast swathes of black that appear on the model. It also didn't help that I glued the lightning claw arm on when I did as it made painting certain bits a real faff.

The other new thing I tried was some facial OSL. In several of the books, Horus is described as being illuminated by his gorget and I tried to do something with this by having it reflect on the lower part of his face. Up close it's not brilliant but from a standard distance I think it works.

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